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Bourns has 10 research and development centers, 12 factories and millions of sales offices and agencies around the world.Bourns company provides more than 4000 kinds of high quality products for customers, among which the vernier resistor (potentiometer) and telecommunication protection device are the world's top quality to win the unanimous praise of customers around the world.Bourns potentiometer is widely used in communication, computer, industrial control, medical, automotive, digital, home appliances, instrumentation, aerospace and other fields.Development history: Bourns is an American manufacturer of electronic components. It started from a family workshop and gradually developed into a company with a fairly comprehensive product line.Its core product line should be adjustable resistance series.More than 60 years ago, Marlan Boruns and Rosemary Bourns, two founders of Bourns, set up their factory in a 384-square-foot garage in Altadena, California.Their ideas for the pilot to solve an important question - to provide accurate calibration of vertical plane positioning method, by the first miniature linear displacement and displacement curve the invention of the potentiometer, inspire them to jump from a small factory to become the world's well-known large companies, and manufactures all kinds of influence of today's electronics products.Bourns has been taking high quality, value and innovation as the benchmark since its early days. In 1952 Bourns obtained the world's first patent of adjustable resistor with TrimpotR trademark.In pursuit of perfection,Bourns constantly strives to improve products and services to meet the needs of global customers.Bourns' worldwide operations headquarters in Riverside, California and nine factories around the world have continued to grow through acquisition and creation., nowadays, Bourns product line includes precise resistance potentiometer, panel controller, encoder, resistor/capacitor, chip resistor/exclusion, inductors, transformers, recoverable fuse, semiconductor overvoltage protector of brake fluid, communication with resistance against lightning protector, gas discharge tube, phone base stations, 5 - the pin protector, industrial signal, irrigation and oil protector, cable TV coaxial cable protector, signal data protector, indoor and outdoor POT divider, network interface unit, and the integrated circuit.
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