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In 1988, LIZ electronics was invested and founded by Taiwan jinbao & compal group. In 2000, LIZ electronics kunshan factory was established in kunshan, China, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. LIZ electronic brings together jinbao & compal group's management team, from research and development, production, quality assurance to marketing comprehensive management, to provide chip technology & professional products for the use of electronic industry, especially in electronic technology and semiconductor chip making, production of chip resistor and diode chips, minority has become the current domestic ceramic chip diodes production capacity of the company, to become the industry's leading chip diode manufacturers. As the industry's leading chip diode manufacturers, LIZ electronics continue to introduce from the global electronics industry well-known companies, has 20 years of rich experience in the production, research and development, management and technical marketing of professional managers, in response to the global small profit and rapidly changing industrial environment, to professional, innovation, providing customers with "solutions" completely, has become a global professional electronic components of the top ten suppliers, for Taiwan, mainland China, southeast Asia and India and other electronic assembly industry, provide products and technical services.
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