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Refunds and Returns

All the products listed on the website of Oneyac mall have the supplier name and product model clearly. Please check the product model, supplier and other relevant information carefully before placing an order.If the model is wrong due to its own reasons, Oneya mall will not accept the return or replacement request.

Acceptance conditions of returns

A. return and replacement products have complete original packaging (including outer packaging and inner stuffing) and the commodity labels are intact.

B. If the actual receiving quantity is wrong, the model does not match, or the product quality is not right, the application for return or replacement can be submitted within two weeks after receiving the goods, and the delay will not be accepted.

C. If the customer applies for a return due to product quality problems, the customer shall provide a detailed performance test report as the basis for negotiation between Oneya mall and the supplier.If necessary, a third party test report approved by both parties shall be provided.

D. The invoiced orders shall be returned after the application for return and replacement is approved.

Returns are not accepted

A. Wrong order/wrong order caused by the customer.

B. The receipt time is more than two weeks, based on the signed time of the express delivery.

C. The original packaging of the products and the labels of the goods are damaged and missing, so it is impossible to distinguish whether the products of Oneya or not.

D. products purchased that have been unpacked and/or tested with test equipment.

E. The invoice for the corresponding goods has been lost.

For more information, please contact Oneya online customer service:

Contact time: 8:30-17:30 Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:00 Saturday

Customer service tel: (0086)400-870-9968

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