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June 14, 2022

This agreement is a basic agreement between you (the User) and the owner of Oneyac website www.oneyac.net (hereinafter referred to as the website), "Hong Kong Oneyac Technology Co., LTD." (collectively referred to as "Oneyac"), regarding the relevant services of the Website. Please read and understand this Registration Agreement carefully before you enter this website through any port and decide to register. When you click or tick the "Agree" button and register successfully, this agreement has been signed and entered into force and its provisions are legally binding on both parties.

[Careful Reading] Please read and fully understand this Registration Agreement before you enter this site through any port and decide to register, especially the contents of the Contract marked with bold underscores. When you click or tick the "Agree" button and register successfully, it means that this agreement has been signed and entered into force, and the terms of this agreement are legally binding on both parties. If you do not agree to any of the terms of this agreement, you shall immediately discontinue the registration process.

1. Confirmation and acceptance of terms of Service

1.1 This site the rights of ownership, operation and interpretation of the electronic services are owned by Oneyac, users agree to the terms of the registration agreement and after the steps to complete the registration procedures according to provisions of this site, will officially become a "registered users" in this site, or by the terms of this agreement the rights and obligations of the protection and restriction, but otherwise mandatory laws and regulations, Or if the parties have other special agreements, such provisions and agreements shall prevail.

1.2 When users click to agree to this agreement, they shall represent that they enjoy the services of the website, have the capacity of civil rights and civil conduct to place orders through the Website, and can independently bear corresponding civil legal liabilities.

1.3 If the user is under the age of 18 or not authorized by the company, please use this site with the participation of the guardian or the qualified agent of the company, otherwise the legal responsibility and consequences will be borne by the corresponding guardian or company.

1.4 In addition, the user shall ensure that it is not the subject of trade restrictions, economic sanctions or legal restrictions imposed by any country, region or international organization, and does not directly or indirectly provide funds, goods or services for such parties; otherwise, the user shall stop using the Sample Service. A concurrent violation of the foregoing may prevent users from registering and using Oneyac services.

1.5 Oneyac reserves and reserves the right, to the extent permitted by the laws and regulations currently in force in the mainland of the People's Republic of China, to independently decide to refuse the service, close the user's registered account, delete the user's edited content, or cancel the user's order if necessary.

2. Website services

Oneyac provides users with network information and other services through the Website in accordance with the law. Users are entitled to use the relevant services of the website only when they fully agree to the agreement and the provisions of the website.

3. User personal information protection and authorization

3.1 You acknowledge and agree that, in order to facilitate your use of the relevant services of the website, the website will store your necessary information during use, including but not limited to your real name, mailing address, contact phone number, email address and other private information. Except as provided by laws and regulations, Oneyac will not disclose or disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission. Only Sample adopts professional encryption storage and transmission methods for relevant information, and takes reasonable measures to ensure the security of users' personal information.

3.2 You acknowledge and acknowledge that you are required to provide your true identity information when registering your account or using the website. Oneyac will authenticate your true identity information based on your mobile phone number in accordance with relevant requirements of national laws and regulations. If the information you provide is not true or complete, you will not be able to use the website or be restricted in the process of use, and you shall bear the adverse consequences arising therefrom.

3.3 The unique user name, initial password and other information generated upon successful registration are hereby informed that the user must change the initial password information according to the steps provided by the website. In addition, the registered user name and password shall be carefully saved and used safely. If any third party is found to have illegally used the account, or any other account loss or password disclosure occurs, please immediately notify the website and report to the public security organ.

3.4 After clicking to agree to this Agreement and registering successfully, Oneyac shall voluntarily accept the purchase and supply information of orders sent by Oneyac in the form of email, SMS, phone call and text, picture or data on the pages of the Website, as well as other information such as rules, notices or other promotional activities.

3.5 Any operation conducted through the registered account shall be regarded as the user's own behavior, and it is forbidden to lend the registered account on the site to any third party, otherwise, it shall bear all legal consequences arising from such behavior. Oneyac has the right to cancel the accounts that have not been registered as required by the website, to close the accounts of members suspected of fraud and other violations, and to delete all relevant information under such accounts.

3.6 After agreeing to this agreement and successfully registering, Oneyac shall have the right to use User information to log in to the registered account for evidence preservation, including but not limited to legal responsibilities and obligations such as litigation, notarization, witness and other judicial investigations, upon user's authorization or due to mandatory requirements stipulated by law.

3.7 Guarantee that the website shall abide by laws and regulations, abide by the principle of honesty and good faith, not violate social ethics, not disrupt the normal order of Oneyac trading, and forbid any of the following behaviors:

(1) Log in and visit the Oneyac website in any manner not permitted by the site, such as any robot software, spider/crawler software;

(2) In any manner cause or may cause an unreasonable or disproportionate load on the Oneyac Site;

(3) Attack other users' accounts or terminal devices by sending viruses;

(4) Impersonating Oneyac staff to deceive other users;

(5) Sending illegal or spam information through malicious messages and comments on websites;

(6) Assisting others to obtain improper benefits;

(7) Instigate or encourage others to engage in acts prohibited by this Agreement;

(8) Other improper acts against the public interest or public morality or prohibited by Oneyac rules.

4. User behavior norms

4.1 You agree to strictly abide by laws, regulations and rules and comply with the following obligations in accordance with the law:

(1) Shall not produce, transmit or publish the following illegal information and materials: oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution, incite resistance to or undermine the implementation of the Constitution and laws and regulations; Endangering State security, divulging State secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity, or inciting the overthrow of the socialist system; Harming the honor and interests of the State; Distorting, vilifying, blaspheming or denying the deeds and spirits of heroes and martyrs, or infringing on their names, portraits, reputations and honors; Advocating or inciting the implementation of terrorism, extremism and its activities; Speech that incites ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermines ethnic unity; Sabotaging the state's religious policies and propagating heresies and feudal superstitions; Spreading rumors and disturbing economic and social order; Spreading obscenity, pornography, violence or abetting a crime; Insulting or slandering others, infringing upon the reputation, privacy or other lawful rights and interests of others; Other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

(2) Guard against and resist the production, reproduction and release of adverse information materials containing the following contents: the title is seriously exaggerated, and the published content is seriously inconsistent with the title; Improper comments on natural disasters, major accidents and other disasters; Inciting discrimination among groups or regions; Propagating vulgar, vulgar or kitsch contents; Acts in violation of social morality; Infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of minors; Other contents that have a negative impact on the network ecosystem.

4.2 This Agreement is made in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, and you agree to strictly abide by the following obligations:

(1) The transmission of data and information from mainland China to overseas must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China;

(2) Do not use this website to engage in money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information and other illegal and criminal activities;

(3) Do not interfere with the normal operation of the website or intrude into the website and the national computer information system;

(4) Shall not transmit or publish any illegal, harassing, calumniating, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, uncivilized information;

(5) Shall not instigate others to engage in illegal activities or acts prohibited by the agreement and rules of the platform;

(6) Do not use the accounts registered in this website to conduct profit-making business activities;

(7) Shall not publish any content that infringes upon others' intellectual property rights or legal rights such as personal information, copyright and trademark rights;

4.3 You shall bear legal responsibility for your own speech and behavior on the Internet. If you spread or spread reactionary, pornographic or other information in violation of national laws on the website, the system records of the website may serve as evidence of your violation of laws.

5. Product information

5.1 The information of commodity prices, quantity and availability published by the Website is subject to change at any time due to market reasons and the website may not be able to notify or change such information in a timely manner. Users are aware and fully understand that all such information shall be implemented in accordance with the current activity rules of the platform.

5.2 Due to the large quantity of commodity information on the website, the website will try its best to ensure the accuracy of the commodity information contained in the website. However, due to well-known Internet technology and other objective factors, the information displayed on the web page of the website may have certain lag or error, and users should be aware of and fully understand this situation. And agreed to accept the reciprocal solution proposed by Oneyac.

5.3 Oneyac welcomes users to correct and correct mistakes at any time, and will reward proponents for correcting mistakes and providing reasonable suggestions depending on the situation.

6. Order

6.1 When placing an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, parameters, contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information of the product. If the consignee is inconsistent with the user themselves, the behavior and expression of intent of the consignee shall be regarded as the true expression of the user's behavior and expression of intent, and the user shall bear the corresponding legal consequences for the behavior and expression of intent of the consignee.

6.2 The quantity, price, payment method, consignee, contact information, delivery address and other contents of the product are subject to the order successfully submitted by the user. Users will be deemed to have successfully submitted their orders after submitting their order information and completing payment on Oneyac.

6.3 Despite the efforts made by Oneyac and the Website, due to market changes and various factors that are beyond the control of reasonable business, the website is still unable to avoid such situations as production stoppage, out of stock and price error of products in the order information submitted by users; If the above situation occurs for the products purchased by the user, the user has the right to cancel the order, and Oneyac also has the right to cancel the order at its own discretion. If the user has paid, the website will refund the original route.

7. Payment

7.1 If the customer chooses online payment, he/she shall complete the payment within 48 hours after submitting the order; if the customer chooses offline transfer, he/she shall complete the remittance within 5 working days after submitting the order.

7.2 If customer fails to make payment on the due date, Oneyac shall have the right to:

(1) Cancel the order or suspend any further delivery or performance;

(2) Demand immediate payment from the customer;

(3) Require the customer to pay the costs incurred by Oneyac in preparing or storing the goods;

(4) Interest is charged to the client on the unpaid amount (immediately before and after the judgment) at an annual rate of 5% above the benchmark rate published by the People's Bank of China from time to time until full payment is made (less than one month shall be regarded as one full month for the purpose of calculating interest).

(5) Require customer to pay any costs (including but not limited to litigation costs) incurred by Oneyac in recovering such payment, and Oneyac reserves the right to further claim damages from Customer in respect of Oneyac's losses.

8. Distribution

8.1 The goods you purchase on the website will be delivered to the delivery address specified by you on the website. You should clearly and accurately fill in your delivery address, contact person and contact information and other delivery information. You know and confirm that the goods you purchase shall be received only by the contact person you fill in after identification. Any loss caused by your change of contact person or relevant delivery information shall be borne by you.

8.2 The Website shall not be liable for delayed delivery or delivery failure due to any of the following circumstances:

(1) The information provided by the user is wrong, the address is not detailed and other reasons;

(2) The goods cannot be delivered or delayed due to no one signing for receipt after delivery;

(3) Other non-human factors resulting in the change of circumstances;

(4) Force majeure, such as natural disaster, traffic curfew, sudden war, etc.

9. Acceptance

9.1 After delivery by Oneyac, the customer must confirm receipt of the products and test the products within the most reasonable time possible. If the products are found to be significantly defective and unsuitable for their purpose, or inconsistent with the type, specification or quantity of the products listed in the order, or the customer has any other objections related to the products, Oneyac shall be given detailed written notice within one week of delivery with delivery order attached. If the customer does not give such notice within one week of receipt of the goods, the products shall be ultimately deemed to be in compliance with the contract in all respects and free from any defects that can be found upon reasonable examination, and the customer shall therefore be deemed to have accepted the products in full.

9.2 The buyer shall timely confirm receipt of the goods upon receipt of the goods. If there is no manual confirmation or feedback within 7 days, the system will automatically confirm receipt of the goods by default.

9.3 If the customer receives a damaged package, the customer shall photograph the package to confirm the damage and notify Oneyac immediately before opening the package.

9.4 Oneyac shall have the right, at its discretion and within a reasonable time, to replace the products, reissue the products or refund the price then paid for such products, provided that customer can fully prove the non-conformity or defects of the products.

10. After-sales service

10.1 All products listed on the website of Oneyac have the supplier name and product model clearly stated. Please carefully check the product model and supplier information before placing an order. Oneyac mall will not accept a return or replacement if you order the wrong model for your own reasons.

10.2 Acceptance conditions for return and exchange

(1) The returned or replaced products have complete original packaging (including outer packaging and inner fillers) and the commodity labels are intact;

(2) The actual received quantity is not correct, the model is not consistent, the product quality problem, within two weeks after the receipt of goods can be submitted to return or replace the application, overdue will not be accepted;

(3) If you apply for return due to product quality problems, the customer shall provide a detailed performance test report as the basis for negotiation between Oneyac Mall and the supplier. If necessary, a third-party test report approved by both parties shall be provided.

(4) Invoiced orders shall be returned after the application for return and replacement is approved.

10.3 Non-acceptance of return or Exchange:

(1) Misordering/misordering caused by the customer;

(2) The invoice issued for the corresponding goods has been lost;

(3) If the receipt time is more than two weeks, the receipt time of express delivery shall be taken as the basis;

(4) The original packaging and labels of the products are damaged and missing, so it is impossible to identify whether Oneyac products are used;

(5) The purchased goods have been opened and used on the machine or tested with test equipment;

11. Import and export restrictions

The buyer confirm to buy from Oneyac or are about to purchase the goods, the use of the technical data or software or transfer, export, re-export and resale or disposal in any other way to other countries, such as import behavior comply with the European Union, the United States, Japan, or other applicable national/regional regulations, sanctions, embargo, import and export control laws and regulations, Including but not limited to the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Foreign Assets Control Regulations (OFAC), International Arms Transport Regulations (ITAR), etc. No products purchased from Oneyac will be used (or used in any other way through transfer, export, re-export, resale) in the production, manufacture, design, development or use of missiles (including but not limited to space research), chemical or biological weapons or nuclear applications. At the same time, buyer confirms that its ownership interest is not held by the United States Department of Treasury (OFAC) or any person prohibited by executive order. The products purchased by buyer from Oneyac shall not be knowingly or in any direct or indirect way sold to military industrial enterprises and military industrial products of non-military industrial enterprises; As a supplier, Oneyac shall not bear any legal liability if buyer violates the above laws and regulations; If the buyer violates the above laws and regulations and causes economic and reputation damage to Oneyac, Oneyac shall have the right to claim compensation from the buyer.

11.1 The Danfoss brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Crimea enterprise or associated entity.

11.2 The Kyocera brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to any country or region subject to UN sanctions, as well as Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

11.3 The Vishay brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to Any country or territory designated by the United States as a state sponsor of terrorism enterprise or associated entity.

11.4 The Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to Belarus, Cuba, Ukraine, Crimea,Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Northern Cyprus, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela enterprise or associated entity.

11.5 The TE Connectivity brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to Russia, Belarus, Eastern Ukraine enterprise or associated entity.

11.6 The AVX brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally,directly or indirectly to Russia enterprise or associated entity.

11.7 The KEMET brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally,directly or indirectly to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea enterprise or associated entity.

11.8 The AOS brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally,directly or indirectly to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea, Sevastopol enterprise or associated entity.

11.9 The GigaDevice brand products you purchased from HK Oneyac shall not be sold intentionally, directly or indirectly to Russia (except for entities licensed to export from the United States), Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Congo, or any other country covered by the UN arms embargo enterprise or associated entity.

11.10 Littelfuse products purchased from HK Oneyac cannot be used and resold to companies engaged in

military and aerospace projects or manufacturing military and aerospace products. Export or resale to The Russian region is prohibited.

12. Ownership and intellectual property rights

12.1 If a user clicks on the agreement, it shall mean that the user publishes any information in any form (including but not limited to customer evaluation, customer consultation, articles on various topics and other information content) and any transferable rights including property rights, such as copyright property rights (including but not limited to: Reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, projection rights, broadcasting rights, information network transmission rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner), are all exclusively and irrevocably transferred to Oneyac, User agrees that Oneyac shall have the right to Sue separately for any subject infringement.

12.2 This agreement constitutes a written agreement for the assignment of copyright rights and other rights stipulated in Article 25 of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China (the serial number of the provisions shall be determined in accordance with the Copyright Law of 2011 edition) and relevant laws, and shall be binding upon the contents of any works protected by copyright law published by users on the website of Oneyac. Whether such content is formed before or after the conclusion of this Agreement.

12.3 The user agrees and has fully understood the terms of this agreement and undertakes not to publish the information published on the site in any form or authorize other subjects to use it in any way (including but not limited to using it on various websites and media).

12.4 Oneyac is the producer of this website and owns the copyright and other legal rights of the contents and resources of this website and is protected by national laws. It has the right to revise this agreement and the contents of this website and publish them on this website without further notice to users. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Oneyac reserves the right to interpret this agreement and the contents on this site.

12.5 Unless otherwise mandatory by law, no entity or individual may in any way illegally copy, reprint, reference, link, grab or otherwise use the information content of the Site in whole or in part without the express special written permission of Oneyac, otherwise, Oneyac reserves the right to hold such entity or individual liable.

12.6 Materials and information posted on this Site (such as text, charts, logos, button ICONS, images, sound file snippets, digital downloads, data editing and software) are the property of Oneyac or its content providers and are protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All compilations of content on this site are the exclusive property of Oneyac and are protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software on this site is the property of Oneyac and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

13. Limitation of liability and non-commitment to guarantee

13.1 Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, the site and all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise made available to Users through the Site are provided on an "as is" and "as is" basis.

13.2 Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, Oneyac makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, (except as otherwise provided by the laws of the People's Republic of China) regarding the operation of the site and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained on the Site.

13.3 Oneyac does not warrant that all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise provided to users through the site, its servers or E-mail and information sent from the site are free from viruses or other harmful ingredients.

13.4 If online transactions cannot be completed or relevant information and records are lost due to the breakdown or normal use of the sales system of the website due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the website, Oneyac will make reasonable efforts to assist in dealing with the aftermath.

13.5 Oneyac shall have the right to check the user's registration information and purchase behavior, and if any problem is found in the registration information or purchase behavior, Oneyac shall have the right to ask the user for correction, or freeze or close the account, cancel the order, etc.

13.6 If a user violates laws and regulations, this agreement or any rules of Oneyac, Oneyac shall have the right to delete information, prohibit speech, restrict orders, cancel accounts and other measures.

13.7 System BUG, the third party as a result of virus attacks, or any other factors lead to the user's account, platform, data services an exception occurs, Oneyac shall have the right to temporarily freeze the account before the abnormal reason out, to find out abnormal reasons and problem solving after thawing, at the same time to the account of the relevant information and data back to the state before the exception occurs.

13.8 To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, Oneyac's sole liability for any damage or economic loss arising out of the use of Oneyac's Services shall not exceed the direct benefits actually obtained by The User in connection with the goods purchased by the User in connection with the claim.

14. Agreement update and user concern obligation

Oneyac reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement from time to time in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and the operation needs of the website. The modified agreement will take effect once posted on the website and replace the original agreement.

14.1 Users can log in to check the latest protocols at any time;

14.2 Users are obligated to pay attention to and read the latest version of the agreement and website announcements from time to time. If users do not agree to the updated agreement, they may and shall immediately stop accepting the services provided by Oneyac website pursuant to this Agreement.

14.3 If users continue to use the services provided by the Website, they shall be deemed to have agreed to the updated agreement.

14.4 Oneyac recommends that users read this agreement and the website's announcements before using the website. If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be invalidated, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed divisible and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

15. Jurisdiction and application of law

15.1 The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the resolution of disputes shall be governed by the effective laws applicable in the Mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding its conflict of laws and regulations).

15.2 In the event of conflict between this agreement and applicable law, these terms shall be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of law and other valid terms shall remain in force.

15.3 In case of any dispute between the Parties over the content or execution of this agreement, the parties shall try their best to settle it through friendly negotiation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, either party may file a lawsuit with the court in the place where the plaintiff is located in the mainland region of the People's Republic of China having jurisdiction.

16. Confidentiality

During the execution and performance hereof, user, Oneyac and seller are obligated to keep confidential the exchanged business, financial, electronic seal and other information, and shall not disclose it to any third party without permission. This confidentiality clause shall survive the expiration, rescission or termination of this contract. If any party violates this article, it shall fully compensate the other party for all direct and indirect losses incurred thereby.

17. Other

17.1 The owner of Oneyac website refers to the operator of Oneyac website licensed or recorded by the government according to law.

17.2 Oneyac respects the legal rights of users and consumers. The purpose of this agreement and all rules, statements and other contents published on the website is to provide users and consumers with better and more convenient services. The website welcomes comments and suggestions from users and all walks of life. Oneyac will humbly accept and modify this agreement and all kinds of rules on the website in due time.

17.3 Clicking the "Agree to agreement and Register" button below,means that this Agreement shall be deemed as your full acceptance of this agreement. Please confirm again that you are aware of and fully understand all contents of this agreement before clicking.

Date of Last Modification

June 14, 2022